Projects that have been implemented by the managers of this company.

The clean rooms

The clean rooms of the Comprehensive Center for Stem Cells and Reconstructive Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences have been constructed in an area of 420 square meters on the ground floor of the comprehensive laboratory of the university. This complex is one of the largest collection of clean rooms in the country.

Al-Reza Mosques :

Al-Reza Dibaji Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the capital, which is considered as one of the most famous active mosques in Tehran due to its extensive activities and cultural and religious programs. The mosque building with 3,000 meters of infrastructure is equipped with a library, medical clinic, amphitheater, kitchen and children’s home, cultural and artistic center and library that the general public can use.

Aryogen Pharmed

Aryogen Pharmed is based on the approach of combining the art of pharmacy and biotechnology. This factory has been formed on a land with an area of 22,000 square meters and with an infrastructure of about 13,000 square meters and by combining modern and indigenous architectural elements with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and using the most up-to-date biotechnology structures. Three office buildings, a warehouse building and a production building are designed with an efficient combination in this complex .